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Village of La Grange 47th Street Safety News

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Department of Public Works
TO: Village President, Village Clerk, Board of Trustees, and Village Attorney
FROM: Robert J. Pilipiszyn, Village Manager
Ryan Gillingham, Director of Public Works
DATE: August 10, 2009


The Village is actively engaged in a strategy of evaluating and improving pedestrian safety throughout the Village. Part of the strategy towards improving pedestrian safety involves enhancing pedestrian crossings within IDOT roadway corridors (i.e. 47th Street, La Grange Road, and Ogden Avenue.) Proposed improvements to the pedestrian crossings include posting additional advanced warning signage, installing advanced warning pavement markings, installing dual flashing pedestrian activated yellow beacons and other recommend design elements. The first three crossings that have been identified for enhancements include the following crosswalk locations:
• 47th Street and 9th Avenue
• La Grange Road and 52nd Street
• 47th Street and Waiola Avenue

We requested that the Village’s traffic engineering consultant, KLOA, Inc., provide the Village with a proposal to design the improvements and secure the necessary Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) approvals for improving these three pedestrian crossings. The scope of work generally includes the following activities:
1. Collect existing survey information regarding roadway and crossing geometry.
2. Conduct field work to observe pedestrian crossing activity, and verify signing, pavement markings, sight distance and lighting.
3. Evaluate and make recommendations related to available technology for enhancing crosswalk signage and pavement markings.
4. Develop construction plans, specifications and estimates to install recommended improvements.
5. Coordinate approvals of other agencies including ComEd and IDOT.

KLOA has proposed to complete this work in an amount not to exceed $18,000. We recommend KLOA perform the engineering work for this project based on their experience in this type of work. The proposal for this work is attached for your consideration. As
previously communicated to the Board, since time is of the essence we authorized KLOA to proceed with design services in amount not to exceed $5,000 pending Village Board approval of the entire contract.

One of the goals of this project is to construct the improvements as soon as possible so that the enhancements can be utilized throughout the upcoming school year. The pedestrian crossing at 47th Street and 9th Avenue has been identified to receive the upgrades first, and the improvements will serve as a template for other intersections. Some of the materials identified for the pedestrian crossing improvements require 8 or more weeks for delivery. In order to achieve the goal of constructing these improvements as soon as possible, we recommend advance purchasing various materials.
The first item we recommend for advance purchase are the illuminated pedestrian signs, flashing beacons, ground mounted pavement flashers, pedestrian push buttons and other required equipment to operate the pedestrian crossing system at 47th Street and 9th Avenue. The proposal from Traffic Control Corporation in the amount of $39,184 for this equipment is attached for your consideration. This proposal includes the installation of the ground mounted pavement flashers, but does not include the electrical work required to supply power or install conduits, foundations, or handholes. Once the engineering drawings are completed by KLOA, a separate contract for the electric work will be required. This work also requires coordination with and approval by IDOT and ComEd. For reference this system manufactured by Traffic Control Corporation has been installed in several locations in the Chicago area, most closely on Cass Avenue in Westmont, IL.

Please note that we propose to defer ordering the equipment for the other two pedestrian crossings so that we can assess the effectiveness and functionality of the enhanced design and to receive citizen input.

The second item we recommend for advance purchase are the bollards and sign poles required on both sides of the crossing at 47th Street and 9th Avenue. For consistency throughout the Village, we recommend utilizing the Streetscape bollard currently utilized at the La Grange Road train station. Also, we recommend a pole for mounting the pedestrian signs and pedestrian activated push buttons of the same style. We received a proposal for these poles and bollards from KSA Lighting in the amount of $2,960.50.

Funds are budgeted for 47th Street improvements in FY2010-11. At the end of the year we will prepare a budget amendment to recognize cumulative budget expenditures for pedestrian safety improvement activities pursuant to Board direction.
In summary we recommend approval of a contract with KLOA, Inc. in the amount of $18,000 for the development of plans and specifications for pedestrian crossing improvements at 47th Street and 9th Avenue, La Grange Road and 52nd Street, and 47th Street and Waiola Avenue. Also, we recommend approval of purchasing materials for improvements to the crossing at 47th Street and 9th Avenue in the amount of $39,184 and $2,960 from Traffic Control Corporation and KSA Lighting respectively. Read The Full PDF

Crossing Design Proposal

Engineering Services Agreement – Speed Study of 47th Street Corridor

Speed Study Proposal 

Engineering Services Agreement – Feasibility Study for Traffic Signalization at the Intersection of 47th Street & East Avenue

Feasibility Study Proposal




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