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Welcome to the Cari Lyn Cook (Stevens) Website

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This website has been created to honor and celebrate the life of Cari Lyn Cook.   With her infectious laugh, limitless smiles, and undaunting love of her family and friends, Cari is sorely missed.

She was a proud mother of two young children - and as a parent her love, selflessness and patience with them was limitless.  She lived for her children.  Like the family she grew up in, it was her dream to create a big and loving family of her own.

Her husband and best friend knew that they would be spending their entire lives together enjoying their family, friends, trips to the park & zoo, vacations, parties, baseball and football games, and even all the struggles that they would face along the way.  Life for them was perfect and the love he had for her can never be replaced.  Their beautiful kids are constant reminders of her presence.

Her mom, sisters, and brother were a constant part of her life.  Never a day would go by without visiting or talking to multiple members of her family.  Every single conversation with Matt, family and friends ended with bye, I love you, for without it the conversation would not end.  Every time someone entered the room or visited the house or just drove by on the street, they were greeted with a hello or a wave of the hand.  This special effort made certain that everyone felt welcome and knew that she cared and loved for them with all her heart.  Unfortunately, the day she left us the only communication was a kiss and goodbye from her husband as she lay in bed before he left for work.

She was a friend, a teacher, and a waitress.  She was so real and was never afraid to offer her true and honest opinion.  She touched the lives of many different people; her husband, her family, her friends, the children she taught, her co-workers and so many more.  Her love, her passion, her laughter, her smile, her personality, and her effort to keep in constant contact with distant friends will never be forgotten.

Please join us in this ongoing celebration of Cari’s life.  You are invited to make a contribution to the Cook Family Fund, view some of the many photographs, sign the guestbook, or sign up to stay connected to some of the many loved ones that Cari so dearly loved.

Support the Cook Family and get your "Family, Cari, Friends" wristband to help remember Cari's legacy!

Friends Cari Family BraceletAlthough Carson and Ellie will have the love and support of many friends and family, life will not be easy as Matt tries to raise two young children while providing for his family. While the Cook family grieves the loss of Cari, please consider supporting them through a donation to the Cook Family Fund, which has been set up to cover future expenses that may include education, child care, medical, or any other costs related to the needs of the children. Donate $25 or more and receive the wristband as pictured above. This custom bracelet is purple with the very fitting words "Family, Cari, Friends" across the front and "Slow down, enjoy life" on the back.

To order your bracelet please donate via the Paypal button below


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Checks can be made payable to the Cook Family Fund

Cari Lyn Cook (Stevens)

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